About Us

Many Paths, One Journey

Vanda Berninger (left) and Wendy Chan (right), co-founders of the One Journey movement.

Vanda Berninger (left) and Wendy Chan (right), co-founders of the One Journey movement.

In 1991, as civil war broke out in Croatia, Vanda Berninger left her home country for Germany. In 1989, Wendy Chan immigrated to the United States, as a young girl from China, to unite with her extended family, many of whom had fled China as refugees to escape the civil war.

 Both Vanda and Wendy now live in the Washington DC area, and together, they are building a movement. With a diverse coalition of allies, they are raising awareness of the global refugee crisis, helping the public see the contributions and talents of refugees and displaced people. These efforts aim to celebrate diversity and combat the growing nativism and apathy towards a humanitarian crisis of historic scale.

Compelled by their personal experiences and inspired by the United Nations TOGETHER Campaign, Vanda and Wendy launched the One Journey movement in September 2017.

Our Vision

A world where refugees and other displaced people are welcomed, valued, and supported so they and their host communities can thrive together.

Our Mission

One Journey amplifies refugee voices and enhances public awareness of refugee talents and contributions. We strive to build enduring allies for refugees and use cultural and technological tools to facilitate human connections between refugees and their host communities.