Got Talent?


The One Journey Festival is celebrating refugees talents through the common languages of Art, Fashion, Food & Music/Dance. 

We are calling for you creatives to submit a creative expression/showcase of your talents in one or more of the following areas: ART, FASHION, FOOD, MUSIC OR DANCE. 

here's what you need to do;

  1. Pick an area (one or more): Art, fashion, food, music and/or dance.
  2. Showcase your talent in either photo (maximum 4 photos) or video (maximum 60 seconds) format 
  3. Incorporate the One Journey Festival logo into your creative expression (logo picture found below). This could be anything from simply printing the logo to creating a dance interpretation. Think boldly. 
  4. Submit your picture or video by March 2 with your contact information and confirmation you can participate in the Festival June 2 2018 
  5. Optional: Nominate one creative friend. Why? Because the Festival is all about showcasing people's talents and we want you to make that ripple effect and support one another. 
  6. Share on your social media outlets and tag One Journey Festival handle with the hashtags: #1journeyfestival and #iembracemytalents
  7. Be creative  

1st Place Prize: The selected winner will be incorporated into the Festival program gaining exposure to 100k+ plus people online & offline. Additional prizes will be announced soon.

Get your creative juices flowing and submit your piece by March 2 to

1 Journey Festival Logo stack (1).jpg